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validation and generation of postal order numbers

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Wiki formatted editions of the POD documentation is hosted here.

This documentation might not necessarily reflect the releases on CPAN. If you want to read the POD for a specific release, use Search CPAN.



Business::DK::PO is primarily distributed via CPAN (See: Search CPAN under Resources).

If you for some reason want to link to the distribution, please link to:
then you do not necessarily link to releases made by specific authors or to specific versions, see also the logicLAB Open Wiki


  • Search CPAN from CPAN you can download the latest release and previous releases. For releases no longer on CPAN, please refer to Backpan. Search CPAN provided other services, like browsable documentation, overview of CPAN-testers test reports etc.
  • Ohloh interesting stats and information on the project.

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